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Your unique offering spelled out boldly, intentionally and simply irresistibly.


Website Content

Content is king. Is it king on your website? Whether it’s tightening existing copy or starting fresh, let’s make sure your site tells a story in a way that sticks—and sells.

Articles + Blog Posts

Blog posts are crucial for web SEO rankings and traffic. Starting from scratch? Need old articles refreshed? I’m all ears. I’ll write with purpose, clarity, brand integrity and SEO in mind. More eyeballs and sales on your site.

Profiles + Bios

Writing your own profile is awkward. You know yourself too well to be objective. I’ll craft content capitalizing on your unique assets, with an eye on why they’re relevant. Time for you to personally + professionally shine.

Collateral Copy

There’s nothing more tangible than a piece of marketing collateral… as long as it’s seen. I’ll craft clear, concise copy that stands out from the clutter and resonates with prospects.

Product Descriptions

Even the most coveted products don’t sell themselves. I’ll bring forth your product’s benefits instead of features while addressing your prospect’s pain points + enticing their emotions. Captivate, resonate, convert.

Brand Storytelling

Your offering is unique—but without a clear story, mission + vision, prospects have a hard time connecting with it. I’ll write a brand story positioning you as an authority through the voice of a friend. Trust equals conversions.


Minimum project fee for all content creation + copywriting services: $200

Ready to stand out with bold copy?


A professional tune-up of your existing content for a perfectly polished finish.


Have you reviewed content dozens of times, but still have a gnawing feeling grammatical errors are playing hide-and-seek in it? I’ll ensure your content is 100% polished, professional and ready to be seen.

Proofing starts at $60 per 500-word page.


Sometimes you just need an expert to review what you’ve already got on paper. I’ll assess tone, purpose, length, readability level and everything that can make or break a prospect’s perception of your offering.

Editing starts at $75 per 500-word page.


Ready to have your content perfected?


Your brand’s unique identity, defined, outlined and ready to shine.


Branding Guidelines

Establishing a brand is exciting. Reiterating every detail to all the key players to ensure it remains cohesive? A game of telephone. Brand guidelines take the guesswork out, outlining standards for consistency, clarity and integrity. All in one guide.


Social Media Graphics

Consumers are flooded with more content than ever. They’ve seen thousands of messages—before lunch! Stopping their scroll takes clever intent. Branded social graphics convey your key messages succinctly to capture attention and drive up engagement.

Brand Identity Board

Not ready for a full branding guide and just want to start with what makes your brand yours? Brand board to the rescue. A brand board lays out your brand’s defining elements and assets in a one-pager you can reference and share with others.

Minimum project fee for all branding services: $300


Ready to have your brand’s identity defined?


I’m sold. What will each project cost me?


Just tell me what it costs, right? I used many contracted writing services myself during my many years working in-house, so I understand the need to cut to the chase on price. Really!

However, as a freelancer on the flip side, I now understand this: blanketing a price for a service that should be customized exclusively for each client’s unique needs would be a disservice.

I calculate prices based on:

·         Size and scope of the project

·         Level of background research

·         Quality of background info supplied

·         Number and length of meetings

·         Expected number of amends

Once I better understand your project needs, I can give you an individual estimate. Drop me some details below and I’ll get back to you with a price quote.

Sound good?

I’m still sold. Send me more information!

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