If you’re looking for a freelancer who:

Writes copy that will actually be seen… and remembered.

Good copy requires comprehensive research, strategy and problem-solving. Great copy is fueled by all of the above + a clever, creative writer so it’s seen in the first place.

Think about the last time copy stopped you in your tracks. Was it bland or bold?

Helps find your authentic voice, but also makes you money.

Prospects aren’t looking for a product or service. They’re searching for a product or service that solves a problem. In order to believe your brand does this, they need to understand and trust it.

I don’t just write words. I write emotional copy that converts trust and credibility into sales.

Has a decade of expertise—without inflated importance.

Have you ever paid someone to help you, only for them to judge your business decisions?

I have nearly ten years of expertise in marketing + communications for corporate, government and entrepreneurial brands, but I’m certainly not a know-it-all. I won’t pretend to be one either.

I’m humbly here to identify where your brand can be, not dwell in the minutia of its current state. Eye on the prize: an authentic brand prospects will understand, trust and keep coming back to.

Has been in your shoes and understands your pain points.

My role prior to freelancing was as a communications director, where I oversaw the contracted work of many external writers and branding experts. I had high expectations!

But I was so immersed in in-house demands that I had little time to hand-hold. Feel familiar?

I know how busy you are passionately running a business. Yes, I’ll have questions so I’m poised to deliver results. But I won’t send you on a hunt to uncover 2010’s social media spreadsheet.

I’ll ask the least from you that gives me everything I need to work with. Leave the rest to me!

Provides quality, affordable services—not smoke and mirrors.

Bosses and clients have told me that while my wit and creativity are signature assets, it’s my conscientiousness that sets me apart. I enjoy obsessing over the details until they’re flawless.

Do I have as many bells and whistles as a team or agency? No. That’s because I’m not charging you for them. No excessive fees, timelines or documents you don’t know what to do with.

Does this all sound like something you could get behind?

…then enough about me! Let’s talk about you and what you’d like to accomplish.