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You started a small biz.

You’ve put your heart and soul into it. And probably more money than you’d like to admit.

You’ve laid your future empire’s foundation like a boss, if you do say so yourself. You’ve got grit.

You pride yourself on business DIY. But time is money. When do you have time to create content?

Or the focus to ensure each brand element is intentional, authentic + professional? Next year?

You’re kind of busy running a business over here!

You’re unsure how to achieve your dream top shelf brand on a small biz budget. Do unicorns exist?

You need somebody you can trust to provide clarity through emboldened content + branding.

While also giving your brand the personality it deserves so it can stand out from competitors.

You’re looking for somebody who’s a little like you and just ‘gets’ it. That’s me!


A little about me…

As a fellow female small biz owner, I’m naturally drawn to people like you.

I find fulfillment in enhancing your unique offering so it becomes one your audience can’t live without.

Though I’m a millennial who admittedly loves avocado toast, I’m also one who believes in a hard day’s work. I’m a creative and conscientious freelancer who’s committed to perfection.

When I’m away from my desk, I’m busy being manipulated by my dog, scouring thrift stores and estate sales for home decor or enjoying Florida’s stifling heat with my very Italian husband, Chris.

Persistence, patience + a sprinkle of sarcasm is what makes me me. If you’ve got any of these things, we’ll get along just fine.

Want to discuss a project or have a spirited debated about the Oxford comma?

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Help your brand feel authentic, but also makes you money.

Prospects aren’t looking for a product or service. They’re searching for a product or service that solves a problem. In order to believe your brand does this, they need to understand and trust it. I’ll write emotional copy that builds trust, resonates and converts into sales.

Has a decade of expertise without a chip on her shoulder.

I have ten years in marketing for corporate and entrepreneurial brands, but I’m not a know-it-all. I’d rather show you where you can be than criticize your business decisions. I enjoy the trenches, always with an eye on your prize: an authentic brand your prospects love.

Has been in your shoes and understands your pain points.

Before I started my business, I was a corporate communications director where I oversaw contracted work of external writers and branding experts. I had high expectations! But I was so immersed in in-house demands that I had little time to hand-hold. Feel familiar?

Is focused on creating the least amount of work for you.

I know how busy you are running a business—especially as a small business owner myself. Yes, I’ll ask questions so I can deliver results. But I won’t send you on a hunt to uncover 2010’s social media spreadsheet. I’ll ask the least from you that gives me what I need. Leave the rest to me!

Provides everything you need but nothing you don’t.

Do I have as many bells and whistles as a team or agency? No. That’s because I’m not charging you for them. No excessive fees, timelines or documents you don’t know what to do with.

Does this all sound like something you could get behind?

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Let’s talk about a professional partnership.