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Is your brand’s voice bold enough to break through the clutter?


Fate or SEO brought you here today if:

You’re not just a dreamer. You’re a doer. In fact, you chased your dreams and started a small biz.

And your biz has a very unique offering. However:

You haven’t nailed down how to communicate it.

You need a voice that connects more authentically with your ideal client rather than talking at them.

You feel like your brand identity is a little lackluster (or lacking completely) and you wonder how you’ll stand out next to your competitors.

Or you have it all established, but need a fresh pair of objective eyes that aren’t so close to your work.

Do any or all of these apply to you?


Emboldened content for boutique biz owners who are ready to stand out.


content creation

Haven’t found the right words to convey your unique offering?

Found the “ones,” but just need someone else to crank out more of them?

Leave it to me.

I’ll craft copy that’s everything your prospects need and nothing they don’t.

No more tightrope-walking that fine line between over or under-selling yourself.


editing + proofing

Wincing at the thought of a grammatical error tarnishing your reputation?

When you’ve looked at the same copy so many times, glaring errors become pretty sneaky, don’t they?

Not to worry. I’ll eagle-eye your content to ensure it’s flawless, credible and ready to resonate with your people.

Time to position yourself as the amazing authority that you are.


brand definition

Every business that wants to be taken seriously should have a brand identity.

Does yours have one?

Maybe yours doesn’t feel right because it hasn’t evolved with your business.

I’ll develop the paramount pillars for your brand’s identity that let it stand out boldly and intentionally.

Bland brand be gone.

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10 years of expertise to help you stand out.

I have a decade of expertise and passion for shaping small + mighty brands just like yours.

Whether it's boiling behemoths down to blurbs or turning tiny taglines into big ideas, I’ve got a penchant for writing stories that stand out + sell.

I’d be honored to write bold type for your boutique business, brand or blog.

Let’s get it the attention it deserves.