Welcome! I’ve got a question for you.

Is your brand’s voice bold enough to break through the clutter?

Your business has a unique selling proposition—but only seconds to communicate what it is to prospective customers before they move on to your competitor.

You might understand the value quality content can bring your brand, yet find yourself unable to do it alone. You’re busy enough as it is running a business!

I can help leverage your brand’s untapped potential through bold, compelling copy.

an independent writer for all of your content needs.

Together, we’ll get the right content flowing that will keep your business growing.


Here are some of the copywriting services I offer:

  • Web Copy + Consulting

  • Product Descriptions

  • Copy and Line Editing

  • Annual Report Copy

  • Brochure Content

  • Proofreading

  • Articles + Blog Posts

  • Branding Taglines

  • Advertising Copy

  • Content Planning

  • Profiles + Bios

  • Ghostwriting


I also offer some basic design services, such as graphics for Pinterest and Instagram.


You’ve got options when it comes to freelancers. Why my bold type?

A true passion for the art of the written word. Writing means more to me than simply making a living. Whether it's boiling behemoths down to blurbs or turning small taglines into big ideas, my passion is helping your brand tell its story in a way that tug heartstrings and move customers into action. That’s what makes me tick.

Near-decade communications expertise. Having spent more than nine years writing for corporate, government and entrepreneurial brands, I’ve crafted a continuum of content myself, as well as directed the writing of others. I’m skilled in distilling complex concepts into compelling copy and fine-tuning content for brand integrity. I always have an eagle eye on accuracy, originality and effectiveness.

In-house experience overseeing out-of-house. Most recently a corporate communications director, I oversaw concurrent creative agency contracts, ensuring a singular brand voice among multiple marketing players and platforms. Having been in your shoes as a client with high expectations for contracted writing, I’m poised to understand and appreciate the trust you’re putting in me. I'll bring zeal, diplomacy and meticulous attention to detail.

Quality content—without the catch. You want a freelancer because you don’t want drastic agency fees and timelines. It’s my goal to deliver content that feels like it came from one—with costs and deadlines you’ll feel good about. With most of my experience gleaned in corporate settings, I’m vastly aware of how the world works outside the freelancing bubble. I’m available when convenient for you.

Out of respect for my clients and their privacy, most which I’ve signed an NDA with or ghostwritten for, I don’t display my work publicly. Click ‘contact’ to request relevant samples and I’ll promptly provide some.